I use the screename “Azure” and it’s variations. My real name is Rebecca McCarthy.I am an amateur voice actress and writer, which unless you found me on a search engine is likely how you found my webpage. I’ve written comics and audio drama, and want to work on a game sometime soon.  I’ve been voice acting since 1999, which now makes it over 10 years since I started that hobby.

I have a strong interest in story telling through games, so my favorites tend to be adventures or RPGS but that doesn’t mean that’s all I play. I’ll give anything a try.

There’s a link to my amateur VO resume but some highlights include Sabrina in the Sabrina On-line Radio Play, Jessica in Pre-game lobby,  Graham ( Kid) In ADGI’s King’s Quest II remake. I got to spend a few hours in a pro studio recording VO for a machinima.

I love good TV, anime, games  films and comics what it boils down is I love a good story.  So I try to write for as many formats as a can. Each type of storytelling has different attributes,

You can e-mail me at aralechan@gmail.com

AIM: azuresama

MSN: peasuke@hotmail.co.uk

Xbox Live/ PSN/ Steam : azuresama

If you want to contact me be sure to let me know you found my details at shonen.co.uk this helps me recognize genuine e-mailers/contacts.

My sites and links
My voice acting demo reel (youtube ver)

Old Voice Acting Resume ( not updated any more)

Drslump.co.uk fan site to Akira Toriyama’s manga

Voiceacting.co.uk – my amateur voice acting advice/community site

IndieManga.com -small press comics group I am in