Hi I’m Rebecca McCarthy, I love writing, games and awesome story telling. I live in the UK where I drink a lot of fancy coffee and test computer games. The rest of my time I spend writing and making things.. I’m currently working on Sun Dogs as a writer. I also do a bit of voice over and can be heard in various projects such as Stasis, All the Way Down, and King’s Quest 2 ( AGDI)

I also run voiceacting.co.uk and help run AdventureX an annual adventure games convention.

You can e-mail me at aralechan@gmail.com for fun stuff and fan projects and rebecca@shonen.co.uk if you want to talk about stuff I am working on. ( I can never be writing enough things).

AIM: azuresama

MSN: peasuke@hotmail.co.uk

Xbox Live/ PSN/ Steam : azuresama

If you want to contact me be sure to let me know you found my details at shonen.co.uk this helps me recognize genuine e-mailers/contacts.