I love to write and tell stories, here is a selection of various things that I have written over  number of years.

Story (Manga)


A short five page comic set during the English civil war, a solider sets out to find the traitor he blames for his father’s death.

Wicked Rails (MangaQuake ) Read Online

Originally published in MangaQuake, a tube technicians first day on the job is interrupted by a strange creature.

Millenium Dagger Mangaquake 3 Read Online

A teenage gothic lolita has to deal with the stranded god Dagur, petrol shortages and Loki in a dress.

Other projects:
Otakunews -reviews & reports as ” Azure”

MAME ( now closed UK anime fanzine) – various reviews and comics.

J-pop Go magazine – Various

Origins– IndieManga

IndieManga’s first print  anthology,  from methere’s a prose story in here ( a last moment substitution) and a pilot of a steampunk pirate comic with art from Kate Holden.

Legends- IndieManga

Our second print anthology this time a story about a girl who drinks too much health potion and has to deal with the consequences.

Audio drama

Fyrestarter Productions fandub/audio drama scripts

A variety of audio drama original and fan based, some completely my own work others fan fiction or adaptations of the works of others. This includes:

Red Car/ Green Car Audio drama

A Father argues with his son who is always proved right, but is his son always right or is reality bending around him?

Neko Majin Z Audio drama

An unofficial adaptation of Akira Toriyama’s parody comic ” Neko Majin Z”