Hermione’s Letter 

Hermione’s Letter is an original Harry Potter story fan story, told in Audio. It’s set just before the start of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, and tells the story of how Hermione found out she was a witch. It features her first encounter with several characters.

This production is a production by fans for fans! If you like it please support official Harry Potter stuff!

Part One -A Mysterious messenger- Download 3.5 meg

Part Two -A Spot of Shopping- Download 2.9 meg

Part Three- Steam-Download 5.6meg


Hermione -Sophie L.

Mrs Granger-Melanie Wilberforce

Nontius -Peter Odl

Mr Granger-Tregatron

Briar -Togepi

Neville –Katie

Mrs Longbottom -Katie

Tom –Klaymen

Prof McGonagal -Yami no Kitsune

Madame Malkin –Watercolour

Padma and Parvati Patil –Aeris

Extras- Azure, Shadow.